Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kids and Sharpie...

This has seriously got to be one of the most frustrating things in the world. I was putting away laundry when my 2.5 year old walked up to me with a silver sharpie and said "Sorry mommy...I sorry. " That alone was enough to put me in panic mode. I ran into our living/dining room and saw sharpie all over the floor and all over my new wood chairs. I almost burst into tears. We have no magic erasers so I searched the heck out of google. "How to remove permanent marker"..."getting sharpie off of wood"..."removing sharpie from furniture"...I saw lots of suggestions for magic eraser, hair spray, and alcohol. We don't have magic eraser, the hair spray did nothing, and the alcohol kinda worked but not really. Someone suggested toothpaste because its abrasive, but we only have about 1/2 a tube left and I didn't want to waste it. Then I noticed I had some liquid Comet scrub with bleach, so I figured I'd give it a whirl. And, hey, it worked!

Without further to get permanent marker off wood furniture and floors WITHOUT a magic eraser:

You'll need a toothbrush, some liquid comet scratch free scrub or other scrubby cleaner, a damp cloth, and a dry cloth.

Here's one chair with my son's handiwork (which is surprisingly good for a 2 year old!):

1. Put the comet onto the sharpied areas.

2. Rub it in with the toothbrush. You'll see the permanent marker coming up almost instantly.

3. Wipe it with the damp cloth and then the dry cloth. (You'll have to rinse/wring your damp cloth after doing a few spots...or just wipe it down and go back over all the chairs with a new cloth after they're all clean like I did.)

4. Go ahead and polish your furniture with Pledge or Liquid Gold so that it gets some moisture back.

Yay! Permanent markers begone! You're welcome. ;)


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  1. well done, looks as good as new. nice artwork too :-) xo